Saving is the most essential criteria of electrostatic equipment. Highest tip voltage given by us along with the improved soft atomization due to newly designed nozzle gives maximum saving & enhanced quality finish.

The new equipment provides up to 40% more paint saving against any conventional gun and 10% to 20% against other Electrostatic Liquid Painting equipments in the market. It is equipped with Guaranteed Failure Free Cascade.

  • Charjet Premium
  • Charjet Standard
  • Charjet - L

Electrostatic equipment is ideal for mass production articles such as automobile components, fan, furniture, bicycles, LPG cylinders, lacquer coating, lighting fixtures, control panels, drums etc.


Charjet Premium:

Charjet-Premium is a new age Electrostatic Liquid Painting equipments. With amazing saving, new failure diagnostic feature and with a host of other advantages, Charjet-Premium delivers a nearly failure proof experience.

HMI - This is a data processor with a feather touch screen given for the first time on manual equipment. Selection available on screen with a memory feature makes this equipment easy to use with settable data.

Charjet Standard:

  • Highest transfer efficiency with 70 kV DC -ve voltage results into paint saving up to 40 %
  • Cascade is encapsulated in special polymer to ensure long lasting trouble free operation
  • External paint path ensures ease of cleaning / colour change and also minimizes maintenance

Charjet L:

Electrostatic Spray equipment, CHARJET -L overcomes conventional systems drawback of extreme paint wastage.

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