Prapat, the paint transfer pump in the paint spraying system is used for ensuring uninterrupted, uniform and filtered paint feeding to the spraying gun.

The pneumatically operated piston type pump is a compact and sophisticated option to the conventional pressure feed container. Prapat provides uniform and easily controlled delivery. The easy to monitor, sleek design and light weight ensures great reduction of paint wastage in the painting process.

Technical Specifications :

Important Parameters Prapat Prapat II Optional
Prapat Ratio 1:2.5 1:5 Trolley Mounted
Bracket Mounting
Max Fluid Pressure 14.2 kg/ cm2 32 kg/ cm2
Max Fluid Output 4.5 lit/ min 20 lit/ min
Paint Transfer Pump

Paint Stirrer

Many paints have settling property due to which solid particles accumulate at the bottom over a period of time. Hence, this deters the paint quality & finish. So, continuous stirring is required. Statfield offer Pneumatic stirrers for this purpose.

Stirrers can be offered along with different capacity S.S. containers and with isolation for metallic paint for electrostatic operation.

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