Industrial Blowers and Centrifugal Fan

Statfield is proudly add centrifugal fan, Blowers, AHU’s, to the product line. Under new “Air Handling Division” It has the time trusted stamp of innovation and technological excellence of the organization with excellent service backup.

Statfield Equipments has huge experience of manufacturing Centrifugal fans and Blowers. Since more than a decade we are manufacturing the BLOWERS & IMPELLERS to cater our OWN requirements in the Plants being manufactured by us for various applications like Dust Collectors / Ovens – Furnaces (up to 300 Degree C) / Fumes Extractions Systems / AHU / Pressurized Enclosures Etc.

These blowers also compatible for any other industrial applications too, still we are technologically strong enough to customise the fans according to Flow & Pressures requirements with various MOCs suitable to the industrial applications. We developed higher efficient fan models so we provide energy efficient solutions for any industrial segments.

General Application Areas:

  • For air circulation in oven, paint booth, furnace...etc.
  • ID, FD & SA fans for boilers and heat recovery systems
  • Conveying of material like plastic granules, or light weight particles
  • Electroplating , Surface coating Equipments
  • For special purpose machinery, like Bag filling, food and beverage, Parts washing and drying
  • Clean room for fresh air, Pharma and chemical industrial application.
  • Dust Collectors an extraction systems and many more

Technical Specification

  • Flow: 100 cmh to 3,00,000 cmh
  • Pressure: 40 mmWC to 1500 mmWC
  • Motor Power: 0.5HP to 200 HP
  • Material: M.S. , S.S. , P.P. , Al

Drive Arrangements of fan

  • Direct Drive fans
  • Belt Drive fans
  • Couple Drive fans
  • Flange and foot-cum-flange fans
  • Plug Fans

Optional Accessories & Spares

  • Silencers for noise reductions
  • Dampers for flow control
  • Expansion Bellows
  • Anti-Vibration Pads
  • Spare Impellers