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Powder Coating Gun: For Automatic Powder Coating Process

Auto Spray Gun

The SH 18 A powder coating gun gives all the advantages of SH 18, with a higher output voltage of 100 kV resulting in higher transfer efficiency. The number of guns are mounted either horizontally or vertically as per article geometry. 

Powder Coating Gun

Powder Coating Gun for High Volume Powder Coating Process

Automatied powder coating uses specialized equipment to apply powder coatings to a variety of surfaces in a highly efficient and automated manner. Ideal for volumetric production, Automated powder coating helps industries enhance their production.

Statfield has always been the front-runner to help businesses to enhance production, minimize losses and improve quality.

Reciprocators are automation aids that help in automating powder coating processes and improving productivity. The reciprocator reciprocates vertically, along with the auto powder coating gun, to cover the entire height of the article.

Automatic Powder Coating Gun

Types of Reciprocators

  1. Electromechanical Reciprocator
    Highly preferred for automatic painting / powder coating applicators, statfield endures a smooth, consistent flow of powder/ paint for uniform article coating with a settable stroke length from multiple powder coating guns.

  2. Pneumatic Reciprocator
    With many features similar to Electromechanical Reciprocator, the pneumatic reciprocator is driven by pneumatic cylinder.


  • Eliminates labour up to 95%
  • Human error is reduced to a great extent.
  • Audio-visual alarms for errors/faults.
  • Consistent coating quality-no room for human fatigue or error.


  • Variable speed across the height
  • PLC for speed and stroke selection
  • Sturdy compact construction
  • Smooth jerk free movement
  • Plant can be operated in 3 shifts with consistent efficiency

Powder Coating Gun Technical Specifications :


Model NameAlfa X – Auto
MonitorPP – 18 Auto
GunSH – 18 A
Control BlockCB – 18
Pneumatic ModelsYes
TrolleyMounting Rail
Direct SuctionN/A
Nozzle TypeRound Adjustable (R/A) and Flat


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