Automatic Equipments

Improvements in technology for enhancing production, minimizing losses and quality have been Statfield’s tradition. In the volumetric growth of all the industries, automation is one of the key aspects.


The reciprocator reciprocates vertically, along with the auto gun, to cover the entire height of the article. Based on the drive, Reciprocators can be classified as:

  • Electromechanical Reciprocator-

It is driven by timer belt pulley and electric motor.

  • Pneumatic Reciprocator –

It is driven by pneumatic cylinder.


Variable speed across the height

PLC for speed and stroke selection

Sturdy compact construction

Smooth jerk free movement


The SH 18 A powder coating gun gives all the advantages of SH 18, with a higher output voltage of 100 kV resulting in higher transfer efficiency. The number of guns are mounted either horizontally or vertically as per article geometry. 

Technical Specifications :