Liquid Painting Booth

These types of booths are available in two options

  • Water Wash type
  • Dry Back type

In water wash type, there are two chambers separated by water curtain wall. The front spray chamber for painting & Chamber behind the water curtain wall is Suction Chamber to separate paint particles from air/thinner mixture. Blower and Motor are installed on the top of the chamber.

In dry back type the water curtain is replaced with metallic filters. The dry type booth is recommended in new line paint where consumption is less or water is scarce. Metallic filters are used for arresting the over sprayed paint and give clean air output to atmosphere.

Both the types are available with Down Draft and Side Draft option.

Selection Criteria:

Selecting an appropriate type of booth depends on article size, production, type of paint and its consumption, type of application & number of operators.

  • Normally Dry Booth is recommended if paint consumption is low.
  • Water Wash Booth is preferred when higher volume of paint demands higher paint killing.
  • The Down Draft version is needed for large / heavy articles so as to coat article from all sides.
  • Side Draft booth is recommended for small articles.
  • Combination Model - Side Draft / Down Draft:. Sometimes there is very critical production constraints like articles weigh form 5 tons up to 5 kg. For such applications Statfield offers combined side draft booth with down draft to accommodate heavy production of different types of articles
  • For special applications where article size is very big, in the range of 6 meters and if civil pit for down draft is to be avoided, Statfield provides option of sideward draft towards bottom of the booth panel. Additional pressurization ensure dust free operation