Paint Circulation System

As the concept of Quality Mass Production emerged, it gave birth to the need for continuous & voluminous painting.

With statfield paint circulation system colour change at many booths is possible through one paint storage room. Also, different colours can be fed to different locations at the same time. Tremendous saving can be achieved.

Statfield undertakes the total responsibility of customised paint circulation system.

Salient Features

  • Quick colour change.
  • Uninterrupted paint feeding.
  • Constant viscosity.

Mobile Paint Circulation System:

This is a portable system specially designed such that all the spray equipments are mounted on the trolley with quick cleaning facilities.

Important Features

  • Paint circulation, color change cleaning can be done with minimum hose length.
  • All connections in SS.
  • Filter choking can be monitored through pressure gauges.
  • Additional filter provided, if filter chokes online changeover is possible.