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Powder Coating Machines & Equipment for Manual Applicator

Powder Coating Machine & Equipment:- Digitally Monitor & Control on Surface Coating Manual Applicator

Achieve greater control and precision in the powder coating process with Alpha series applicator with digital controls. Aplha Series powder coating equipment from statfield typically comes with Digital controller and Digital powder coating gun, providing operators greater control and precision in the powder coating processes.

Maximising the DIGITAL
  • True Value Powder Output Control
  • Independent Current Control
  • Digital Monitoring and Control of kV / Current and Powder Output
  • 17 User Defined Programmes with  3 Pre-set Programs 
  • kV / Powder Output Monitoring From Gun
  • 20 Program Access From Gun
Maximising the Digital
PP – 18 Monitor
  • Digital control and monitoring of kV / Current and Powder Output
  • True Value Powder output control
  • 17 User Defined and 3 Pre-set programs
  • Independent Current Control
  • Metallic powder spray and recoating possible with pre-set programs access
  • PP-18 V series model comes with powder level Indicator and direct suction arrangement to pump the powder directly from the powder carton
Shalaka 18 – Powder Spray Gun
  • Light weight gun with touch trigger and external powder path offers superior ergonomic experience to painter
  • Gun comes with touch controls and monitoring of powder output, kV and current
  • Powder purge trigger for cleaning the nozzle preventing powder clogging offering consistent powder flow
  • True value powder output control on gun helps painter to coat the parts with any desired thickness with consistency 
  • 20 programs access from gun
  • Excellent powder flow gives consistency and efficiency in powder coverage with THE BEST FINISH even in metallic powder and for recoating
Control Block
  • Well balanced powder pump designed to perform with excellent, consistent, uniform powder flow for any powder volume settings to achieve highest quality finish 
Technical Specifications :
Manual liquid paint Applicators Digital Version table

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