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Why us

Over 1000+ installations and counting…

At Statfield, we work as your trusted partner to significantly enhance your surface coating processes. With combined work ex of over 100+ years Innovation team of Statfield holds a strong understanding of challenges faced during surface coating processes. You may be large global corporation or one man army job shop, Statfield has a solution for you.

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Quality and reliability are paramount at Statfield Equipments. Our products undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent excellence. You can trust our reliable solutions to perform at their best, providing peace of mind and minimizing downtime during powder or paint change.

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Innovative Solutions

At Statfield Equipments, we prioritize continuous innovation and improvement of our product line. By creating a complete ecosystem for surface coating applications, including accessories like ovens, material handling equipment, and transporters, we strive to offer comprehensive solutions that greatly benefit our customers.

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Superior Quality

Experience superior quality surface coating solutions with us. Our cutting-edge technology, innovative processes, and meticulous attention to detail ensure flawless finishes, exceptional durability, and long-lasting protection. Trust us for the highest standards of quality and performance in surface coating applications.

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Quickest post sales support

Experience the quickest post-sales support in the industry with Statfield Equipments. Our dedicated support team is available to promptly address your inquiries, technical issues, and maintenance needs. Minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly with our efficient and reliable support services.